Official re-launch | August 2018

MA is an intersectional collective that brings POC African womxn together for the empowerment and development of African cities and spatial education.

MA produces various forms of content that constantly aim at catalysing and fostering dialogue and knowledge exchange on the need for Intersectional Space. MA is a network that seeks to emancipate recognition of POC African womxn in the global spatial industry. MA aims to empower its network to collaborate, manifest and flourish in the spatial sphere of design and writing, which currently remains unfavourable and oppressive. MA seeks to work with established practice and education partners to transform the various sectors related to design and the city not just for the inclusion of POC womxn, but for the greater production of knowledge that reflects African ways of being and navigating form. MA is a nexus of people in the African diaspora - a ripe site of emerging and progressive thinkers who will inevitably contribute to the future state of spatial Africa.

MA is a safe space.
MA is a creative space.
MA is an Intersectional Space.