Matri-Archi(tecture)© is an intersectional collective that brings African womxn of colour together for the empowerment and development of African cities, within the realm of spatial education. Matri-Archi(tecture) produces knowledge that constantly aims at catalyzing and fostering dialogue while encouraging consciousness in spatiality, bringing to the forefront the need for an Intersectional Space.

We seek to focus recognition of African womxn in the global spatial and architectural industry- spaces that have often barred us from representing ourselves and presenting a worldview that stems from our world sense.

Matri-Archi aims to merge, manifest and metamorphose in the spatial sphere of design and writing which currently fails to incorporate diverse identities and visions. MA works to empower its network with established practice and education partners to reframe the various sectors related to design and the city. Not just for the inclusion of African womxn, but for spatial knowledge-bearers, those that reflect the African sense of place and being.

We are a voice and a nexus, a ripe site of emerging and progressive thinkers of African descent who will inevitably contribute to the future of spatial Africa.

Our MA sound included in the film and podcast was designed by Bonolo Thomas from Under Pressure Sundays. The song is part of a compilation, which you can follow at: pressure-sundays

Thank you to everyone who continues to make MA flourish