An ever growing list of various insightful visuals, videos, articles, books and other media that I consider worth checking out.



  1. Lesley Lokko- White Papers, Black Marks (2000)
  2. Jane Jacobs- The Death and Life of Great American Cities (1961)
  3. Period Pain- Kopano Matlwa (2016)
  4. Decolonising the Mind- Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o (1986)
  5. Belanger-2014-Situating Eidetic Photomontage
  6. The Art of Shaping the Metropolis- Pedro Ortiz (2013)
  7. Planning and Design for Sustainable Urban Policy directions .
  8. Known and Strange Things- Teju Cole (2016)



  1. Photo journalist Yagazie Emezi
  2. Movements Cape Town- Zahira Asmal
  3. Far Far Away From Here- Teju Cole



  1. Lesley Lokko lecture “The Culprit is Culture” at TUM Fakultät für Architektur
  1. An Impossible Return- Siona O’Connell
  2. Torre David- Urban Think Tank
  1. Ted Talk “Don’t ask me where I’m from, ask me where I’m local” – Taiye Selasi