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MA brings together intersectional spatial agents to create a network that works for the
empowerment of African Women in the spatial industry.


We are proud to announce that the Africa Summit St. Gallen will be back for a third edition this year from the 15th to the 17th of October!
This year’s theme is: regional solutions to global challenges. The African continent is more dynamic than ever before, with examples such as the versatile application of mobile telephony and entrepreneurs bringing disruptive innovation to all aspects of life.Every single day, millions of people are empowered by education and training, in order to become accomplished members of their local community.
How can some of the continent’s brightest ideas shape the future of Africa and, as a result, the future of our planet? To what extent are challenges in Africa embedded in a global interdependent system?
Through exciting panels and inspiring speeches, the Africa Summit 2018 will shed light on these questions and provide a platform for exchange on different perspectives to enable participants to have an understanding of Africa’s versatility and capabilities.

We are excited to see you all there, and don’t hesitate to check out our website ( and our Instagram page (@africasummitsg) for more infos during the coming weeks!