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Written by Khensani de Klerk and Solange Mbanefo. Introduction  The second machine age, gender-based violence, global south, developing cities, poor
Today’s article is derived from an experience that the author encountered. Prelude. On lived experience as a criterion of meaning…
The physical city of Djenné relies implicitly on the spiritual expression and ritual of replastering the city to armour it
On matters of permanence and impermanence, many sub topics come to mind. The permanence of the overpowering dictation of modern
*Shirley cards, named after a former Kodak studio model, were images used as the standard for colour calibration in photo
If you made the wise decision to click on this article, you are probably pissed-off about the title. You are
This week’s Fruit of the week is personal to us, and was triggered by experiencing the lyrical dialogue that we
“I am a feminist, and what that means to me is much the same as the meaning of the fact
Afro-futurism is not what we commonly (mis)perceive as the notion of “futuristic” black science fiction. It an ever-present projection of
I often smile at strangers during commutes on the bus, tram and train. It is also no misconception that Switzerland
Today’s theme is born out of an exploration of the mutual and contradicting strings that we find in the city
Today’s theme is one that has been discussed before in a different context, and a revisit is essential for us
Today’s Matri-Archi post speaks to the complex overlay of gender and racial issues that have made architectural practice a hegemonic