Afro-futurism (Space is the Place) | Afro-Futurism: an approach to African development

Afro-futurism is not what we commonly (mis)perceive as the notion of “futuristic” black science fiction. It an ever-present projection of an imagination of possible futures beyond the realms of the existing world we occupy today. Afro-futurism is far from a representation of purely fictional adventures. It is a way of thinking and an imagination that … Read more

Contemporary African Diaspora: a networked tissue sustaining the body of African knowledge(s)

I often smile at strangers during commutes on the bus, tram and train. It is also no misconception that Switzerland feels like an unfriendly place, and I say this with a bit of a chuckle, when thinking about the endless blank stares I’ve received in return for my friendly smiles. I’ve explored many thoughts along … Read more

The Capacity of Critique in a Colonial Knowledge Validating Cannon

Today’s theme is one that has been discussed before in a different context, and a revisit is essential for us to learn more about: validation, authorship and audacity, particularly in the realm of critique. We look to Denise Scott-Brown who remains one of the most prolific critics of planning and architecture from the 60s onwards, … Read more

Dead Fish on the Beach: The Problem with “Women in Architecture”

Today’s Matri-Archi post speaks to the complex overlay of gender and racial issues that have made architectural practice a hegemonic space. The post takes particular concern with “Women in Architecture” as a spectacle in today’s industry; an industry that in fact has an apparent and palpable lack there of.  In order to explain this complex … Read more