Khensani de Klerk
Founder | Chief Editor
Having recently completed her Bachelors in Architecture at the University of Cape Town, Khensani sees the current neo-colonial post-Apartheid state of South Africa, and other “Southern” sites alike, as an imperative issue that needs to be addressed creatively in a multidisciplinary fashion. She sees architecture as a tool for socio-spatial justice that can be used to debunk the Western “universal” epistemology and furthermore reimagine and revalue “other” ways of knowing and being in the spatial sphere. Having grown up in the vibrant urban strata of Johannesburg and Cape Town, she is constantly intrigued and invested in shifting between the macro urban city scale and the micro architectural social scale. She is an executive director at South African NGO, Youth in Property Association (YIPA) where she seeks to contribute to the transformation of economic spatial accessibility for youth of colour in the country. She is currently undertaking postgraduate studies in City and Regional Planning at the University of Cape Town and concurrently a research fellow at ETH University in Zurich. She is currently working at Urban-Think Tank in Zürich Switzerland, renowned for its focus on social urbanism and interdisciplinary film-design-research approach. She focuses predominantly on writing and has recently published a piece in TU Delft’s Atlantis Polis Magazine (Oct 2017). She would like to see an architecture that allows multiple identity groups to be unapologetic occupants and active designers of space, as she considers herself to be.
Ndjhaka Mtsetwene
Researcher | Writer
Ndjha Ka is interested in African Feminist and Queer perspectives of digital space, technology, and the environment. Ndjha Ka is on a pursuit of that which is multi/inter/&trans disciplinary. Ndjha Ka is constantly thinking through dreamscapes and the textual, visual, sonic, and affective elements of physical/ digital/ and non/ reality. Ndjha Ka graduated from the University of Cape Town and is undertaking postgraduate studies with the UCT African Gender Institute.
Solange Mbanefo
Researcher | Writer
Solange is a Masters of Science graduate in Architecture from the Swiss federal University of Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio AAM. She has been consistently interested in pursuing the narrative of the African continent that seems overlooked by contemporary scholars and mainstream general knowledge. Solange has a multi-cultural background and has lived, studied and worked in Nigeria, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil and Cuba. She fluently speaks English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish and is perfecting her German. By 2009, in honour of two classmates that passed away in the tsunami tragedy, she helped build a primary school with the foundation Juan and Oscar for the village of Chang Mai, Thailand. She volunteered as an ecological research assistant in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, with a specialising focus on Elephants. In her Bachelors, she worked at DeFournier Arquitetos in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2015, she worked on roof restorations of the traditional Trulli - the vernacular stone constructions in Puglia, Italy. In 2016, she was selected to join the International Social-Housing Workshop (WISH) that developed Architectural solutions along with the Faculty of Architecture, CUAJE, in Havana, Cuba. Solange is now an Architect, currently based in Switzerland.
Larah Fisher
Visual Curator | Film maker
Larah is a multi-disciplinary creative who goes under the pseudonym Luh’ra. As a University of Cape Town Bachelor in Architectural Studies graduate, she has used her various skills to dabble out of the architectural sphere into various other creative fields moulding her creative curation expertise. Luh’ra is currently working at Cape Town based gallery Blank Projects and often collaborates in projects in the art industry. Her main focus is currently in music, not to neglect her instinctive incline for visual aesthetics, which allow her to constantly explore film, photography and fashion.
Lehlohonolo Ndlovu
Visual Creative | Film maker
Lehlohonolo is her ancestors' lost and forgotten dreams manifested to fruition. A visual creator dedicated to archiving, experimenting, transcending, learning and unlearning. Lehlohonolo is a University of Cape Town graduate in Digital Media Production and currently undertaking postgraduate studies in City and Regional Plannning. She is currently lost in translation in Tokyo, Japan, yet always observing in active meditative silence. She hopes to make her 9-year-old self proud, often rambles when nervous, and will therefore let her work do the rest of the talking.
Giorgia Young
Visual Creative | Film maker
Giorgia is an International Politics and Screen Production graduate who is outspoken about her passion to learn more. Among a plethora of broad interests in all things human, Giorgia prides herself on her belief for human rights, the importance she places on womxn, marginalised groups and the ever-growing need to uplift those around her. Since takes every opportunity to debate on a number of topics in an effort to understand more. With a love for visual story telling, she intends on using this platform to educate and encourage discussion around issues of inequality, specifically that relating to womxn.
Neo Twala
Visual Creative | Film maker
Neo Twala is a South African filmmaker with a deep passion for storytelling. She recently obtained a degree in motion picture medium at the South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance (AFDA). She constantly gravitates to exploring African stories and to gaining more knowledge through experiences and interactions outside the boarders of one field. Whether it’s producing fashion films or short films, she finds herself constantly feeling the need to create in the film space, while collaborating with other forms of art to apmlify hidden opportunties. She believes that being open to learning is empowering and shapes how we become instrumental in our passions for the betterment of society.