Matri-Archi (MA) is a transmedia space and platform that aims to project and connect marginalised voices in spatial discourse. MA is here to challenge the notion of universal spatial epistemology currently rooted in and in favour of the Western Cannon. Through constantly researching and sharing Southern situated knowledge(s), MA aims at contributing to African Conscious spatial development in a palpable socio-politically turbulent “Post-Colonial” landscape.

MA hopes to make a significant impact in the reframing of hegemonic knowledge systems. It is evident that the current spatial knowledge dimension functions as a Eurocentric solar system in which “Other” planets orbit around a Western-Cannon sun. MA is here to disrupt this normalised dimension by reimagining a dimension where in various knowledge(s) including that sun begin to orbit across one another, learning and observing whilst maintaining their local and unique integrity.

We all occupy these constantly shifting landscapes, shaping them through the lived lines of our movement: our physical routes and intangible strings of directed conversation create a complex web. MA is here to explore what patterns lie in the intersections of this web of Lived Lines, in order to capture and share narratives potent with unthinkable opportunity.

Welcome to the record of Intersectional Space.






Founded in February 2017 by Khensani de Klerk

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Website illustrations: Nompilo Sibisi