PAAP | Prof Mahmood Mamdani: Scholarship as Political Activism

Welcome to our Peeling Away at Patriarchy series, which seeks to contribute to the equality that feminism stands for by letting you know compadres and allies in privilege positions who are contributing to transformation and intersectionality in spatial discourse. We obviously aim at making the spatial links, revealing and sharing discourse so that the development … Read more

FOTW | Koda®K (too dark), on Colourism and (un)captured space

*Shirley cards, named after a former Kodak studio model, were images used as the standard for colour calibration in photo labs all over the world. To colour match “Shirley’s” skin tone was to achieve a “normal” colour balance, a setting that was applied to everyone’s film, regardless of skin colour (Ali, 2015) Today’s Fruit of … Read more

Why black men have invented nothing

If you made the wise decision to click on this article, you are probably pissed-off about the title. You are probably secretly hoping to encounter a long satisfying list of African-American scientists that have effectively invented something. You are probably preparing your next Google search to prove me wrong…Unfortunately; your nerves might only heighten as … Read more