FOTW | Everything is Everything: on interconnectedness

Written by Lehlohonolo Ndlovu and Neo Twala | Feature visual by Larah Fisher

This week’s Fruit of the week is personal to us, and was triggered by experiencing the lyrical dialogue that we had with Lauren Hill’s Everything is Everything song. Today we share our personal experiences that we hope to relate to the public, and in doing so, showing that everything is truly everything…

A city is a connection, a fixed and fluid point of differing interweaving(s); a layering of various networks to create a hub of interactions and systems. The sounds of a city become engraved in our ear drums. “Wyyyyyyynberg – Caaaaaaape Teeeyown” – dance through the public airwaves as gaatjies hustle for a quick ten. Certain images are stamped in our minds – the fruit vendor sitting meditatively under the sweltering Cape sun next to the Foschini shop. In a city such as Cape Town, it’s easy to get lost in the gaps and cracks. Although still segregated, we are connected in its divisions. The past is still nestled in the palms of the hands that make today.

The system fits us, it has been created to accommodate us, transport us and connect us. Cities have been constructed in a way that makes connections between people grow and branch out into different avenues. As a result of ever-growing technology, connections are made through a plethora of platforms. These technological manifestations and innovations that emerge in urban spaces keep us “connected”. The physical spaces between people are shrinking and are almost non-existent. People are merging with the urban fabric. This is how we’re physically connected; this is how the city connects us and connects to us. But how are we connected as human beings beyond the physical?

There are many ways of understanding our connectedness, whether through metaphysics and Carl Sagan’s belief of “We are made of star stuff”, or through the fragmented and dispossessed skeletal philosophy of “Ubuntu”. Perhaps you’re comforted by the astrological teachings that tell us about the changing of times as we shift into the Age of Aquarius and out of the Age of Pisces; into a time of information, breaking down of illusions and returning back to our interconnectedness.

Western thought brought along the defining and dividing of things, people and places. Kinky and dense complexities were alchemized and relaxed to simpleton isolations. Something easy for the mind to swallow. We began to live as though all was lone. Separateness became reality and interconnectivity, a myth. So we ask…


“Who made these rules?

We’re so confused

Easily led astray “

(Hill, 1998)


But as L-Boogie herself said…


“Change comes eventually”

These are the things that make us remember that we’re not alone and we’re all merely cogs in this cosmic vortex system that travels across the galaxies. But when one cog is missing all motion is stopped.

So, how do you connect to it all?

What is your everything, and how are you reflected in it?

The poetics of interconnectedness are vast and varying but most importantly, deeply personal. So this week at Matri-Archi we ask, how do you connect?



Hill,L. (Composer). (1998). Everything is Everything. [L.Hill, Performer] [Song]. S. M. LLC.

*Title in reference to Lauren Hill’s Everything is Everything song.

Song at:

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