“Ode to an Architect” Film Screening | Friday 7 July | The Drawing Room.

Matri-Archi will be screening it’s new film “Ode to an Architect” this Friday at the Drawing Room! The film will be submitted as an entry to the Africa Architecture Awards as a space for critical dialogue.

Written through the lens of a Black Womxn, Matri-Archi aims at creating a space where the work and writings of multiple and marginalized identity groups can be discussed and given space to flourish. Matri-Archi is here to challenge universal epistemologies of architecture, design and space. Matri-Archi is a space that encourages various forms of representation and communication and is not prescribed solely to architectural articulation.

The event will encapsulate a space of all visuals and senses.


7:00 “doors open”

7:30 OFFICIAL SCREENING of “Ode to an Architect”

8:00 larxbars live performance

8:30 Rescreening of “Ode to an Architect”

9:00 Under Pressure Sundays live set

10:00 OBAE live set

The event is FREE because access is a design hinderance we’re trying to debunk always.

The Drawing Room, Observatory | 19:00 | Friday 7th July

There will be drinks for sale


Film trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PtZA6SURMI

Featuring artists, all phenomenal womxn:


larsxbars. Musician. (Instagram: @larsxbars)




ib.create. Painter. (Instragram: @ib.create)




OBAE. DJ. (Instagram: @nandi_jpg)




Under Pressure Sundays. Music collective. (Instagram: @underpresh | Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/under-pressure-sundays )



COME and experience Intersectional Space.

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