The Space Inbetween: a visual montage

Writing and feature visual by Khensani de Klerk

final composition

This week’s post is rather different to the others, which is great, because MatriArchi is explicit in allowing space for malleability. Today, I will not be referring to academic writing, (I have still shared extra sources related to the theme, at the end of the post and on The Shelf). Today’s post will be very short on words.

I invite you to journey through a visual poem, an eidetic montage; one that invites you into a space confronting notions of the “Inbetween”. Perhaps you may go down a train of images and leave others behind? Today’s post is both cathartic, artistic and irrational. This post is a reminder to designers  -which is all of us really- that the way in which we perceive and make space is both physical and metaphysical, both of which we constantly occupy.

The reason for this theme is really a culmination of weeks that have for me, been turbulent with decision making, constraint, discovery and curiosity. The future is a corridor with endless doors waiting to be opened, with the unknown waiting to be unlocked. The condition of the corridor constantly changes, and time means nothing inbetween. I suppose the theme is born out of a personal narrative as a result of how I’ve recently been hyperaware of experiencing states of transition.

The aim of this week’s post is simple: it is a canvas for the expression of the Inbetween, and a way for us to explore each other’s minds on a more intimate level. Comment, or send some of your work through, to eventually reach a body of work that speaks to the metaphysical state of space.


Constraint? Comfort? Pressure? Solace? Curiosity? Claustrophobia? Safety? Unfamiliarity? Spirituality? Fear? Choice? Down the Corridor? Up the Staircase? In the Lift? On the Plane? Resting in the Courtyard? Running across the Bridge? Refuge in this Camp? Neither here, nor there? No man’s land. Yet completely your land.

In creating this story, my hope is to occupy the inbetween, to be constantly aware of it, to be able to face the darkness of the daunting unknown; or perhaps to stumble upon creeks of light, unconcerned with the notion of time. Breathing inbetween, before opening the door. Forgetting about opportunity costs. Neither here, nor there. Yet.


The Poetics of the Inbetween.

A special thank you to Hlohi Ndlovu for capturing the film photos, and to Jevon Jacobs for featuring as a model.




As we occupy the earth, consuming, busy busy, in our self imposed rat race, be weary. We think we know it all, building bridges, across scars of roads we’ve scratched into the earth’s tough skin; pretending to amend the divides we’ve created. The beginning of a story? Or the end? Ignoring the inbetween, pushing it to the side, bottling it up… it all ends in collapse. An instant merciless dramatic explosion? We ignore the inbetween, a slow motion living implosion.


I’m curious. Something’s hidden inbetween the rocks. Come with me? Don’t be afraid, of the unknown. It changes all the time. Shores weather the rocks away; we never notice until we come to lie on the rocks which once scratched our backs but are now smooth as silk. What is time inbetween? But an ebb and flow constantly moving, without compromise. Don’t drown, walk in slowly. Feel the water in between your toes, cold feet? Which door? Look up. Blessings from the sky. m3

Inbetween, where the rocks are cold, moist, fresh, crisp; where the rays decide when to be harsh, open the next door? Or perhaps stay. Sunlit golden rays, sometimes shy; warm rays,  soak into the tendons of my shoulders, loosen the immense tense coils of angst. Ready to climb up, inbetween. Look, see; through the glass. Look down, see, over the landscape, onto your dreams. m4

Switch, reorientate! The inbetween changes, sometimes gradually, sometimes with haste. Don’t forget. The corridor gives no warning, no expectation. We avoid the inbetween, we leave it be, unsure with how to confront the space unattended. The space neglected. Stand up, look, see, feel. It’s okay to pause, inbetween.  Sitting in fragments, neither here nor there, yet. There’s space, to be. Let be.

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