It’s been 3 months since Matri-Archi started and we’re proud to say that we’ve delivered an article every Sunday since then!

Speaking about Intersectionality and Lived Lines, and there’s plenty more to come. It’s both exciting and overwhelming in this contested world we find ourselves in. Written through the lens of a black womxn, Matri-Archi seeks to project the voices and work of marginalized identity groups and to have this conversation in the design space. MAtri-Archi also seeks to challenge forms of knowing, and conventions that are centered around Western epistemology in order to uncover other ways of knowing ripe with other cultures.

We are all designers, our paths form the lived lines that edge, scratch and caress the built environment often imposed upon us.

This Sunday we are recapping on the past 12 posts that Matri-Archi has released. If you haven’t read any yet, get your wine, and catch up this Sunday. Thanks for engaging, reading and collaborating. We look forward to more! Here’s to more.

So we’ve listed our top 5 posts in order of views in descending order so you know where to start (if critical mass is a trend to go by, but don’t the need to conform):


  1. Airbnb Driving Cape Town to it’s Transient and Hostile State:


  1. Leskley Lokko and Architectural History: White Lies, Black Absence:



  1. MatriArchi Roundtable Discussion I: The Dark Side of Design School:


  1. Jane Jacobs and the Death and Life of Jozi and Cape Town:



  1. Validation and the “Verncaular”:



(But don’t be afraid to visit the first ones! They’re pretty thought provoking as well.)

If you’re completely new! Here’s the intro video!


Lets caress space together.

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