Today’s Fruit


“Today’s fruit” is a new faction of Matri-Archi, which will allow for short information to be conveyed through “fruit” on a non-prescribed time basis. You may get fruit on a Tuesday, or at 2AM on a Friday or perhaps once in a blue moon. The point is that sometimes, some information is too good to wait for a Sunday, and too short for a full blog article. It will be similar to grabbing a quick fruit from your counter, or picking a ripe fruit from your tree and unpeeling in the sun.

Today we’re taking a break from the Sunday post and eating fruit together. I enjoy fruit and the imagery of fruit in cross section and so I haply stumbled upon powerful yonic symbols when looking at the cross sections of the imagery of these fruit. I thought the idea of fruit bringing and sustaining life suited its purpose of spreading and sustaining knowledge. Going back to the simplicity of a fruit, sharing and enjoying the ripe flavor and nutrition fruit, like knowledge, has to offer. It is for this reason that I thought it is a great addition to Matri-Archi.

Today’s Fruit:

Pomegranate; a list of books currently scattered over my bedroom floor. I find it soothing to read books by women, and so I give you the books that have been caressing the thoughts of my mind:

  • Swing Time, Zadie Smith
  • The Vagina Monologues, Eve Ensler
  • Istanbul In Women’s Short Stories, Hande Ögüt
  • Black Feminist Thought, Patricia Hill Collins
  • Vagina, Naomi Wolf
  • Milk and Honey, Rupi Kaur

I contemplated giving a short synopsis for each book but I’d like to veer away from trying to capture the essence of each writer through a brief summary. Like Black Feminist Thought, which I often make reference to in my blog posts; I am most likely to do the same for the other readings. In doing so I aim to give you an idea of my understanding and perspective through my lens, and hopefully you can respond by giving me yours. Call it an informal book club? Feel free to comment or/and contact me through the Matri-Archi contact tab at or simple comment boxes attached to each post.

Have a blessed Easter.

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