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Well, I’ve just started a blog. What you read as Matri-Archi, is in fact Matr-Archi(tecture) which is a term that I’ve created with the intention of being a strong wave of creative discourse in attempts to reach equity in gender identity in design space and writing.. Matria-Archi is here to empower, be insightful and inform.

I’ve started this blog because as a black woman, who is fresh out of the colonial institution, I constantly grapple with the reality of navigating designing form and the reality of living in spaces and taking in cities by foot that have been designed predominantly by one identity group. Matr-Archi is here to provide sources from multiple identity groups and/or through the lens of marginalized identies, (like me!)

Beside a few sprinkles of stimulating literature and projects I was exposed to in the institution, the post-Apartheid curriculum isn’t even a smidge close to making me feel that true design for Africans doesn’t need to be imported from elsewhere. We’ve all learnt about the legends, le Corb, Mies, Gropius, so many white men. (rolls eyes) Don’t get me wrong, they’ve done many cool things, but their sensational shadows left women who were flourishing in the dark.

If we are to create spaces that serve the existence of all, the barrier of architectural and planning consciousness rooted in the history of white heterosexual male thought needs to be broken down, analyzed and rebuilt with voices of multiple identity groups Think of it as a new architectural consciousness for a transforming world. If we are to create cities that have space for multiple identity groups, the voices holding the pencils of creation need to be of multiple identity groups. Oh wait, but hey there have been a FEW women involved in history right? (white women), whoa lucky them. But it is time for this space to open up to womxn of colour.

As a black womxn I have created this blog because the fact is, projects produced by minority identities are lacking, and writing production is incredibly low. Design isn’t purely the form of buildings and so, if you are to follow Matr-Archi you’ll get a dose of various articles and visuals on various topics. Don’t expect this to be a purely architecture and planning blog. This blog is a curated space and a platform for dialogue. Each article will be content heavy, with references on references in order to spread the knowledge and get us reading about juicy literature that we aren’t used to but should be used to. So please I encourage you to read! The site is pretty easy to navigate. You’ll notice a tab called “on the shelf” which is a ever growing list of books, readings, documentaries and other media worth exposing yourself too. All articles have a comment section, don’t be shy on that.

It’s about time we collectively become comfortable with each other, sensitively negotiate space in our chaos, and be unapologetic about it. As much as I’m a designer on paper, the paths you take draw lived lines. This blog speaks about the blurs and layers of these lived lines, and the unique Intersectional Space our movements form.)

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